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Nov 8, 2012 11:00pm EST
rrposed youth jail in east baltimore. 3 jesse jackson waa joined by the city council president and other counncl members... who all say a brand new youth jail is ánot wanted.insteaa, people want money to be reinvested & into youth january, occupy protesters were arresteddat the proposed 3 juveniles who are charged s adults...accussd of seriius the jaii...and a spokesperson &pforrthe mayor's office says it would replace the currentt 3 3 "pac centers, apprenticeehips, othhr things to do with kids than just throw them behinddbars" bars"""ecomes a jail hotel, we & pust build houses for parents, not just detenttoo ceettrs, these child deserve ome plan is not the 3 pnswer, it is not" not" 3 the youth jail willlbe unded --3 by tte state. 3 its art f a new campaign launched by the city's health department to encourage african american men to et 3 hiv.... its an ad... on the charm city circulatorr.... a baltimmre's downtown neighbohoods... the ad shows scantilly claa... with aa message underneath whhch makes a slang reference to the male anat
Nov 6, 2012 11:00pm EST an officiillc. news obtained this video of jerry jackson... a designated poll watcher... black beret and combat-style - uniform. you may reeall this scene frrm 2008... when members of the group were &paccused of initimidating voters at a philly olling site ... you can see one of them armed with a billy clubb. jackson was ammng thhse arrested ... but the charges critics worry he's at it aaain. iq: one would hope that unintimidated vote." vote." &p theee werr also reports of ew black panther arty members t polling sites in cleveland, ohio, .../ but unlike the 2008 election, members were gathering in groups. p3expanding gambling... a big issue in maryland tonight tonighthere's where it stands right now.. 3 john rydell... streaming live from nntional harbor in princc georges ccuntyy..where supporters are rallying tonight. tonnght... theeinternet played a key rooe in all the campaigns tonight... from thh race for the wwite &phouse... to tte baalot &pquestiins here in maryland marylandit's... also playing... a... key role... on... election day...//paul &pgessler... joins u
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2